Remembering Matt Then & Now

By: Naoma Nicholls

When I first met Matt, he was a teenager & a pain in the ass. He was still a pain in the ass a year ago when I last saw him at Craig’s 50th sobriety anniversary, but a different kind of “pain in the ass.” This time he had a twin—Aaron—wearing the same shirt, slacks & bow-tie. They were like Tweedle-dee & Tweedle-dumb, but super cute & uber-hyper. They were so excited & high on the sober life that I felt like I forgot my sunglasses at high noon near a reflecting pool.

The contrast between bratty-teen-Matt & sober-man-Matt is amazing. I love seeing him on fire in his recovery. I love his tenacity, resilience & musical talent. I love his sense of humor & the way he loves family & friends alike. Clearly, I’m unable to speak of him in the past tense. He is still very much present for me & I am grateful for that.

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Thank you, Amber, for submitting your beautiful memories & pictures. They have been published to the website. Sending peace & blessings, Laura

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