My Daddy

By: Brodie Stephenson

Dear Daddy,

I love you more then anything. You are the best Daddy around. I miss you so much and I’m so sad that you are now in heaven with Jesus. I have a lot of questions and I know Pop Pop and Gigi and Mommy will help me ask and remember. My favorite time with you was when Mommy and I came to see your new house and we all went to the beach together and thought kept chasing the big waves and we played on the beach. I also loved when we could sit on Pop Pops motorcycle. Or that one time Uncle Aaron and Pop Pop and us all were together for boys day. I have my baby elephant Nixon that Mommy gave you but I took and I have it with me always cause it feels like your with me. I miss you daddy and love you. Mommy made sure all the pictures are in my room and got books and I talked to Gigi and she told me you have an important job now in heaven. I love you daddy!


The Punk Nugget

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