By: Karhy Bouley

The Bouley family have many beautiful memories of Matt (he was Matty to us). When Kevin was in Jr. High, he brought his friend Matt home to hang out.  Kevin introduced Matt to me.  This Kid had giant blue eyes,  bleach blonde hair,  and a huge smile.  He was full of life.  I liked him immediately.  Matty became part of our family when he was with us and away. He spent many years hanging at our home eating,  joking,  and playing.  One of their favorite things to do was open Kevin’s bedroom window,  playing the drums and guitar while trying to rock the neighborhood.  I would tell them to shut the window before we received complaints from the neighbors.  Matty and Kevin would reply “ok Mom” then shut the window.  Ten minutes later the neighborhood was being blasted by the Kevin and Matty show  there are hundreds of memories we will  cherish forever.  Matty you will always be in our hearts.


The Bouley Family

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