Growing up

By: Adam dome

I’d like to start by sending my sincere condolences to Matt’s family, Craig, pat and Neil, it’s been years since I’ve seen u guys and I love u like my own family Matt and I spent lots of time together as kids and u all were my second family sometimes Matt would spend a week at my house at a time. Matt and I became closest when we lost josh. Josh and I were also friends we skated and rode bikes together summer after summer. The loss of josh was super hard on Matt we cried together for three days straight and We got through it together it was the first real loss either one of us had to endure and that dreaded day will never leave my mind. Matt and I stayed close for quite a while I even came and stayed a week with pat and Neil in Palm Springs.  I always felt like god had put me to be in the position to a big brother to Matt since he could no longer be with his own. But eventually Matt and I sort of went down our own path. We always stayed in touch and I always told him I love him. Matt always had a good joke and a smile on his face, and tried his hardest to stay positive. Although life got rough at some points he always managed to pull through and get right. I know today that Matt is happy to be reunited with his older brother in heaven doing whatever extreme sports that god allows. My thoughts and prayers go out to Matt’s parents and brother and family And friends during this time of grief. The amount of loss that has cursed this family is enormous and I encourage every body to beleive that he is in a better place where his light and laughter can look down and heal all of us and we can find peace in feeling his spirit with us always and forever. Rest In Peace little brother!


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