Daddy and co-parent

By: Amber Stephenson

Matthew is the daddy to this magical little boy Brodie. To see them both in the same room was nothing short of magical. Matty was our best friend, daddy, partner in crime and someone we admire and love deeply. WE are both entirely heart broken that he has went home to rest with our maker. To know Matt was a privilege he had one of the best stories filled with beauty, grit, unconditional love, honesty then anyone you would likely ever meet. Our story wasn’t always perfect but love and grace were always at the center. Matty was a doting daddy and loved to be with our son Brodie making music, being little weirdos and comedians and in the kitchen together. They are two peas in a pod. There is a deep rooted gratitude that as Brodie’s mother we get to experience a living extension of Matty through Brodie. And boy let me tell ya its anything but subtle, is an absolute riot and is filled with so much love. Brodie and I are so incredibly loved and blessed but time cut too short with Matty. Our hearts are shattered. Our little boy feels broken but his spirit continues to shine so brightly as a result of Matty.

We love you beyond measure, we will always be your penguins. I promise to make sure Brodie always has you in the center and to know, love and embrace his roots and all things you. I promise to continue to teach Brodie all the things we promised we would as a mom and dad. To always encourage him to love God, love others, be of service, and to always be himself!!

See you on the moon F*$ker!!


Bro Bro and Cupcake

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